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Kingsburg Coastal Conservancy: keeping Nova Scotia's coastline safe, accessible.
Our Mission: To conserve and protect shoreline, wetlands, beaches, freshwater habitats, fields and forests, and to ensure that access to these places, both on Kingsburg peninsula and in neighbouring areas, remains available to the public forever.

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  • Land Acquisitions
    At this time last year, as 2014 moved into 2015, the KCC was very pleased to acquire two pieces of land through donations and purchase:
    Through the generosity of Krista MacDonald, Bedford, Nova Scotia, we were able to acquire a 3.58 acre waterfront lot in an area of the Shoubac that borders on the mouth of the La Have River. With this acquisition, the KCC now owns seven pieces of land in the Shoubac and hopes, over time, to see more of this splendid, pristine area preserved and protected.

    Virtually at the same time, through the thoughtfulness of Mary W. Stohn of Newbury, Massachusetts, almost 12 splendid acres of land, just off Shady Rest Road on Rose Head and sitting off of Rose Bay have been protected. Through the kindness and thoughtfulness of individuals such as Ms. MacDonald and Ms. Stohn, the KCC is able to protect parts of Nova Scotia's coastal heritage.

  • New Board Members
    Since our AGM in July, the KCC Board has grown by two new board members: Noreen Channels of Kingsburg and Connecticut and Alison Hughes of Upper Kingsburg, both of whom joined the board in October.

  • Land as Art
    This past spring, KCC member Tracy Westell (since August a KCC board member), applied for a grant from Arts Nova Scotia, that would support the work of three artists as they explored and celebrated the meeting of land conservation and artistic creation. On August 1, well-known local artist Don Pentz built a temporary sculpture on the end of Hirtles Beach near Gaff Point out of natural materials found in the area. In September, Andrew Maize, a conceptual artist, used his audience as vehicles to consider the human impact on natural surroundings.

    Local Kingsburg resident and renowned photographer Mariëtte Roodenburg documented these events. Stunning slideshows of Don's and Andrew's projects photographed and produced by Mariëtte, are available on the KCC's Facebook page

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