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Kingsburg Coastal Conservancy: keeping Nova Scotia's coastline safe, accessible.
Our Mission: To conserve and protect shoreline, wetlands, beaches, freshwater habitats, fields and forests, and to ensure that access to these places, both on Kingsburg peninsula and in neighbouring areas, remains available to the public forever.

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Kingsburg Coastal Conservancy Protects
Two New Lands on Kingsburg Peninsula

The Kingsburg Coastal Conservancy (KCC) is pleased to announce the preservation of two new pieces of land, totaling more than 15 acres, on the South Shore's Kingsburg Peninsula through the generosity of Ms. Krista MacDonald of Bedford, Nova Scotia, and Ms. Mary W. Stohn of Newbury, Massachusetts.

Ms. MacDonald has donated a 3.58 acre waterfront lot bordering the mouth of the LaHave River, joining six other parcels of land, totaling 15.6 acres, stewarded by the KCC in the area known as the Shoubac. Ms. MacDonald's land donation is made in loving memory of her grandparents Doris and Arthur Himmelman of Five Houses, Riverport, Nova Scotia.

The nearly 12 acres of land acquired through Ms. Stohn is located just off of Shady Rest Road in Kingsburg and includes 500 feet of direct waterfront on Rose Bay. In making her gift, Ms. Stohn said, "It has been my life-long dream to work hard, purchase pristine land and protect it forever. I am grateful to the KCC for making my dream come true and I urge others who care deeply about natural beauty and wildlife to consider donating their land as well."

While perhaps most widely known for the preservation of Gaff Point and West Ironbound Island, with the acquisition of these new lands, the KCC now protects and stewards 38 parcels of land, representing over 190 acres and 4 km of waterfront, throughout the Kingsburg Peninsula.

The KCC's work in acquiring, preserving, and stewarding lands in their natural state is in keeping with the organization's mission to "protect habitat, beaches, wetlands and shoreline, and secure access to these places in the Kingsburg Peninsula for public enjoyment now and forever."

The Board of the KCC wishes to thank Krista MacDonald and Mary Stohn for their thoughtful and generous contributions. In a part of the province where land is in such high demand it is very reassuring to know that there are individuals who share the vision of the KCC and are willing to support it in such a tangible and significant way.

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