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Conservation ... Providing access ... Partnering with others

Hirtles Beach & Gaff Point

Our Mission

To conserve and protect shoreline, wetlands, beaches, freshwater habitats, fields and forests, and to ensure that access to these places, both on Kingsburg peninsula and in neighbouring areas, remains available to the public forever.

Our Work: Conservation

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Gaff Point - a unique, unspoiled promontory of 124 acres. Owned with partners, the Nature Conservancy of Canada and the Nova Scotia Nature Trust, this land is stewarded by the KCC.
Read more about Gaff Point
Click for a map of Gaff Point

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Kingsburg Pond - one of the few cases in the province where a saltwater pond completely converted to freshwater, and the site of a series of inter-dunal swales.

The KCC owns and protects the three-fourths acre triangle of land at the corner of Kingsburg Road and Hirtles Beach Road and an adjoining parcel of land donated by the Jill and Hazen Trueman family. Together they provide 430 feet of protected pond frontage.
Read about the glorious view of Kingsburg!

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Beach Hill Commons - an ocean-front meadow on Hirtle's Beach. This beautiful 2.5 acre tract, purchased with donations by the residents of Beach Hill Road, Kingsburg, is open to all for picnics, painting, and enjoying the view. The Beach Hill Commons Association monitors the land. They can be contacted through the KCC to inquire about other uses of the Commons.

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Kingsburg Beach - three parcels in this protected beach area. One was donated by Marina Spidle and her family. Two others were purchased by KCC.

We have learned first-hand that even when land is designated as "protected" it is not always fully immune to the pressures of development. Laws and their interpretation can change, political will can waver, and even data can be reinterpreted. When the KCC is given protected land, or is able to purchase such land - we can ensure it will never be subject to such pressures!

Read about our properties on Kingsburg Beach.

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Wetland bordering Lily Pond in Kingsburg - with one of the rarest types of wetlands in Nova Scotia, 500 year old inter-dunal swales.

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Conservation easements - placed by the Burch family on three of their properties in the historic area of Kingsburg, helping to preserve an open, scenic area within the Village. A conservation easement is a legal tool available for those who wish to retain ownership of their land, but protect it by placing it under the care of a conservation organization.

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Sand Dollar Beach & the Rose Bay Salt Marsh - important for access and protection, a favorite area with frontage on Rose Bay

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Our Work: Providing Coastal Access

Hirtles Beach, Kingsburg kcc bullet

Hirtles Beach - a wide beach owned and maintained by the Municipality of Lunenburg, offers extensive parking, wonderful walking and swimming.

In Kingsburg, take the first right on Hirtles Beach Road. Some boardwalks and a bench are in place, but at this point access to the beach itself is over the rocks.

Gaff Point Nova Scotia kcc bullet

Gaff Point - a rugged headland with steep cliffs to Hartling Bay and the LaHave estuary, is accessed by hiking to the southwest end of Hirtles Beach.

Signs near the Hirtles Beach parking area, and again at the beginning of the trail, direct hikers toward approved trails. Safety signage appears along the trail. No camping or fires are allowed at Gaff Point. Outhouses are available at the Hirtles Beach parking lot. See what's new on Gaff Point.

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Sand Dollar Beach - a family-friendly beach with warm shallow waters and the occasional sand dollar. A few parking spaces and a short flight of stairs down. No facilities available.

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The Beach Hill Commons - a wonderful ocean view and lovely old meadow for picnicking and walking.

Kingsburg Beach kcc bullet

Kingsburg Beach - accessed via a short climb over the rocks, starting at the parking area. Go to the end of Kingsburg Road, take a short left hand jog and then a right to the unmarked parking area.

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The KCC Coastal Access and Trails Project (CATs)
The KCC is interested in providing safe and appealing walking areas within our community. Our initial focus will be on trails running along public roads in the Shaubac area of the Kingsburg Peninsula and possibly along route 332, looping from Lunenburg to Riverport and Bridgewater.

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Our Work: In Partnership

island on Romkey Pond
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kcc bullet The KCC is part of the Community Based Environmental Monitoring Network, based at St. Mary's University. Click for details

kcc bullet The Coastal Coalition of Nova Scotia is a group of nearly 30 organizations and many individuals working to raise awareness of coastal issues and the need for provincial leadership and planning. Read more, click '09 newsletter and scroll down to page 23

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The Municipality of Lunenburg and the KCC work together to monitor and maintain the parking and access points at Sand Dollar Beach.

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The Area Advisory Committee of the Municipality of Lunenburg meets regularly to address issues of our District 2. Land use regulations and by-law revisions are an ongoing challenge in a fast growing area such as ours. The KCC regularly attends these meetings in order to keep abreast of the issues and to keep environmental issues on the agenda.
For an update, look to the KCC '09 newsletter and scroll down to page 21

sun in surf at Hirtles

Dee Hilburt photo

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