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Hackmatack in bud - It's spring in Kingsburg!

With our long winter now hopefully receding into memory, the KCC Board would like to give you an update on some of our recent activities and alert you to some KCC events taking place this spring and summer.

Some important dates to note:

  • Gaff Point Trail Blazer's Day
    On Saturday, July 12, from 9:00 - 4:00, the KCC and the Nature Conservancy of Canada are sponsoring this year's Gaff Point Trail Blazer's Day. This has become an annual event in recent years and has led to some significant improvements in the Gaff Point trail system, and this year's edition should do the same.

    Sign up for this event by clicking and then their the "What You Can Do" link; this will lead you to information about volunteer opportunities in Nova Scotia and the Gaff Point event in particular. You can also contact the NCC event coordinator at

  • KCC AGM & Potluck Dinner
    Please mark your calendars and plan to join us on the evening of Wednesday, July 16 for the KCC's Annual General Meeting and, again, a month later, for the KCC's Annual Community Potluck Dinner on Wednesday, August 19! The AGM for KCC members will begin at 7:00, and the August Community Potluck will start at 6:00. Both events are at the Riverport Community Centre.

Kingsburg Beach Access Lot
Since the end of winter, the KCC Board has been advocating for and attempting to facilitate the remediation of the large pothole that has developed at the entrance to the Kingsburg Beach Access Lot, a long-standing, traditional point of access to that beach. We are currently in discussions with area residents on this issue and on looking at the challenges presented by coastal erosion on that area of the beach. As you might recall, in 2012, the KCC received a donation from James and Christine Knock, of their share in the Common/Undivided Lands of Kingsburg, of which the Kingsburg Beach Access Lot is part. The KCC Board would like to see the pothole remediated to ensure safe public coastal access.

With the arrival of spring, the board is also planning to get its long-awaited committees up and running. We apologize for the delay in getting these underway.

As a reminder, those four committees are as follows: West Ironbound Stewardship, Old Kingsburg Wharf Lots, Kingsburg View Lot, and the Shoubac. For those of you who have offered to be on one of our committees, you should be hearing very shortly from the committee chair regarding a first meeting.

194 Members!
Remember to Renew!
Consider Joining the Board!

Membership in the KCC now stands at 194 members. We appreciate the support for the work of our organization in preserving coastal lands and ensuring coastal access.Your support and involvement is important to our organization's work. Shortly, you may be receiving an email reminder that it's time to renew. Please take a moment to keep your membership up-to-date!

If you are interested in being considered for membership on the KCC Board, please and we'll get in touch with you.

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Quorum Issue

For close to two years, we have been striving to resolve the challenges presented by our now large membership and our bylaw requirements to establish a legitimate AGM quorum. The current bylaw requirement for a quorum states - "a quorum shall consist of five full members or fifty percent (50%) of the members, whichever is the greater." Given the present membership of the KCC, it is virtually impossible to achieve a quorum for an AGM within the present quorum requirement.

We have consulted with numerous agencies and attorneys regarding how to accomplish a change in the quorum, and there appears to be no simple path, given the limitations of our present bylaws. Thus, we will likely be pursuing a recommended legal route to changing the bylaw requirements. We will give more of an update on this at the AGM.

This will not be accomplished by the AGM, so we strongly urge as many of you who can to attend our AGM on July 16th!

And keep in mind . . .

Lunenburg Farmers' Market: Over the summer, the KCC will occasionally host a table at the Thursday Lunenburg Farmers' Market. If you are interested in helping staff the table during this time, please let us know. So look for us there!

As spring and summer progress, we'll be sending out more information on the KCC. If you haven't yet discovered us on Facebook, please click & visit us there!

And a thanks . . . on Wednesday, May 8, at the suggestion of the KCC, Keller Williams Realty used their annual KW Red Day (a day dedicated for community service) for a clean-up of Hirtles Beach. We appreciate their community efforts and support!
- The KCC Board

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